History of women handbags

Many women love replica handbags, but origin handbags or how to make the evolution of history do not know, for handbags with in-depth study of tree professionals that bag, handbags for evolution actually had a tortuous history, said Interestingly, the rise of handbags with the evolution of clothing are closely linked. Let’s look at the history of handbags:

Since the eighteenth century, with belt she wavy skirt Slim dress substitution, ladies will have to find the bag can be loaded with personal belongings. The first fish mesh pouch momentum into the sky, this bundle on long cord for easy pouch in your hand, become a veritable “package decoration.”

For centuries, the trend of fashion accessories like fashion in general, with each passing day, keeps changing. And its status is gradually increased, ladies dress become an indispensable part of such package decoration. Based on different pop culture, different times conditions, on different occasions, a woman’s package decoration has evolved constantly changing form.

The twentieth century, the rise of cigarettes, cigarette making small ornaments become a ladies attend communicative place, a small box-type package decoration has therefore been put in a large amount into the market.

In 1929, Hollywood star so hot storage foundation, lipstick of popular bags, all kinds of cosmetic bags, such as shells, football, door locks, vases and decorative bird cage-shaped bag, one by one emerge. But the World War II period, shortage of materials, including decorative suddenly become a luxury, ladies bags have adopted the rough canvas material, then forced a series of designer shopping bags and bike bags.

1930s Hollywood movies spatial development, their popular fashion has a huge impact. Bag decorated with sleek looks and good cabinet, simple materials, simple and elegant.

Full of smoke 1940s, package decoration design the most emphasis on practicality, pragmatism and more influenced by the trend of military design, destroyed all the rage in the shoulder bag, because it can be used to hold gas masks and ration card bills, etc. The most practical wardrobe. Although the smoke swirling in the war years brought great suffering to the people, but it led to civilian decoration package and simplified greatly step forward.

The end of the war, the gradual economic recovery in the 1950s, due to the imprisonment of the war years, the people of sexual desire and competition, women’s clothing quickly turned sexy and charming after the war. The bag is decorated with clothing, is no exception to the sexy and charming. During this period, Rock and Pop music is not only a form of revolution, it formed a new language and culture across the region as a majority of young people accepted.

After the war, the package decoration industry there have been several brand names: one is CocoChanel (cocoa summer Nile.) Gold chain strap bag hanging decoration design, became a symbol of taste. LV (Louis Vuitton) bucket-type package decoration Noe, to carry champagne, to great acclaim. Hermes’s HightBag, after Princess GraceKelly use, Dayton liters worth ten times, instant fame. Gucci also joined the battle around the natural introduction of the bamboo handle handbag and the drop-type package decoration.

Twentieth century, women are in command of the brand, the bag has become a symbol of status and elite. After the middle of people’s lives are filled with computers. The rise of laptops, so wide messenger bags, camera bags become the darling of young people. Late, including the world more colorful ornaments and more mining, there is the prevalence of minimalism, with Chinese embroidery heat, more animal fur applications, such as snakeskin, leopard, crocodile skin, then South Korea St. Kimi package decoration at this time it has been greatly developed, access to fashionable circles of enthusiastic support.

Miniskirts and pants style revolution youthful, but also with the pop rock music was born. Miniskirt new package also calls for the emergence of ornaments, so a variety of small, long shoulder strap, concise style bag hung young shoulders, so that passers really envy. In the rapid economic development in the 1970s and 1980s, in a sense, package decoration has become a cultural symbol of status and identity. New materials and designs continue to be introduced to break the people “a good investment to buy a package” of traditional values.

With the concept of the late 1970s, the neo-romantic and classical revival appeared in fashion, some narrow strap bag, fishing bag and other bag decorated with fresh rustic shoulder in people is also reflected in the economic tide surging next, it requires the city to escape the congestion and clamor of downtown will.

Synonymous with fashion in the 1990s that was dominated by the young avant-garde seems to be fashionable, high arrangement is designed after the top of the table, without exception, are good at playing those gimmicks handwriting avant-garde masters.

The “Today is the tomorrow has become a fashion in the past when” the trend changes, it was tempting to feel “the world is changing fast,” the occurrence probability. Replica handbags also invariably affected by these shares rapidly changing trend of the wind, showing changing appearance.

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