Men’s replica Prada bag with a method Detailed

Fashion ladies always have multiple Prada bag to match different dress for different occasions. In fact, men are no exception, and for men, the bag is not only to become a practical storage appliances, better taste and become a symbol of their own identity. How Men’s bag with only type? Here¬†departure from the type of bag, all kinds of bags to see how to become a fashion accessory.


It is used for business purposes in addition to briefcase dignified and generous, but also to meet the individual characteristics of appearance, the first time to show their professional qualities.

Appearance. Men’s briefcase generally two cross-section and vertical section. The basic principle is that underweight men should be selected cross-section, overweight men can choose vertical section. Also note that the size of the bag, oversized briefcase is more suitable for tall men. Note should choose simple design briefcase, to avoid the appearance of layers.

Colour. Briefcase with color clothes, need to talk to their skin color matched. If you’re not sure which color suits, you can choose wild black.

Material. Briefcase generally use leather production, in addition to durable, too upscale look. Now a lot of leather identification method, the basic pattern is clear, feels soft. Currently on the market with a calfskin briefcase and specialty made of canvas will be more high-end.

Leisure Satchel

The holiday weekend, qualities that men show sportsman’s time. A lightweight stylish leisure bag lets you instantly captured a lot of heart.

Exterior color. Always wear the traditional monotonous work, leisure time men who immediately became a wide variety of clothing, bags are no exception. Note, however, should avoid overly complicated pattern color casual bags, not only with poor, are more likely to appear in bad taste. The main principle is still with their own body and clothes matched.

Material. Leisure time should choose natural light and durable bags, so the men could have avoided the heavy leather bag, try a lighter texture of canvas or even nylon. You know, one day carrying a Prada shopping bag is not what easy thing. Of course, remember to select a quality assurance brand, fabric off-line to prevent embarrassment.


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