LV – Lead fashion trend direction

You know Louis Vuitton not only the use of leather or other ordinary leather, and more accustomed to use a painting by, called Canvas canvas precious material, and then applied a layer of waterproof PVC, the bag does it become lasting Mi new, easy to wear. Of course, in addition to “durable”, to know that one hundred and fifty years of history of Louis Vuitton, start specializing in royal family and nobles as one market, so that that makes the brand survive this reason.

In 1888, Louis Vuitton in a square pattern instead of the original rice, brown stripes, and add exclusive trademark, but after a while counterfeit goods is still full of the world; and therefore has a special significance in 1896 Youyi LV letters, four flower-shaped, diamond ingenious set of positive and negative terms of a new pattern, which is the origin of the famous Monogram. Monogram this pattern, in fact, by the nineteenth century when the popular Oriental art, as well as both decorative and practical effect of the Nabis Painting affected. Four flower-shaped and diamond are both positive and negative essence of integration between the two. This classic pattern followed over a hundred years, almost all LV lovers first entry of goods pattern series.

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in his cartoon world to subvert the LV, but also subvert the whole world, LV monogram pattern encounter a great variety of fantastic colors reversed the people’s visual impression. Leighton time, Takashi Murakami’s laughing eyes, flowers and signs turned into various forms appear on the LV goods. East meets West Classic brand abstract artists, this marriage of fashion and art was an unprecedented success. Takashi Murakami quite fascinated MarcJacobs said he enjoyed the dark side works under Takashi Murakami joy, but also has light and darkness is real life, but also to lead the direction of LV Marc Jacobs forward.

As Japan’s existing classical artist Yayoi Kusama in her unique way of thinking and expression, showing her unique Consideration of the existing space. This time, Kusama hand in classic fashion brand LouisVuitton, to create a very artistic work clothing.

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