Color is a vibration of fashion – replica handbags

An array of replica handbags on the street it is to attract the eyes of the beauty of the MM, but many people do not know, choose the color of the bag is also a learning! But the replica bags color can transform occasions, seasons, different uses, etc. to choose.

Bags with color corresponding environment, there are two: one is the environment at national, regional and national; the other refers to small environments on a specific occasion.

1:city bags color choices: in the modern city, colorful billboards, entertainment, steady stream of cars, strong and rich, great changes color environment, people’s visual and mental fatigue and tension considerably, in order to seek comfortable vision effect, regulate the optic nerve, bright harmonious colors and a variety of intermediate gray tone is the basic color containing bags bv people, and occasionally in a large number of gray tone dotted one o’clock bright colors, so you can play the role of refreshing .

2:rural bag color options: rustic colors are seasonal, winter is the unity of yellow and brown as much, spring, summer, autumn and ones in green, the color corresponding monotonous environment, the lack of change and contrast. Therefore, people living in the countryside will have to be able to seek active monotone color color environment in vc bag like using more vivid, more intense colors.

3:beach bags color options: ocean blue and sandy beach yellow primary colors composition waterfront. In this environment, people’s vision will feel particularly open, a person in this background will seem small, if we choose a more dark color bags, so the more humble. Therefore, beach bag should be used in high color saturation, vibrant colors or color matching.

Nature of climate change throughout the year, people dress color will change with the seasons change, the season to form compatible visual effects.

Spring reawakening, all things new, full of vigor, spring models pvc bag color should be bright and colorful, in order to achieve harmony with the natural scenery. Xiaji Lie scorching day, people used bright, elegant, fresh color, can reflect the sun’s radiation, and seek cool. Fall autumn, colorful and pleasant nature, in this season, bags suitable for use with natural colors harmony warm, neutral colors. Manjuan winter snow, the use of bags in rich warm tones of snow monotonous colors, can play a regulatory winter cold atmosphere, giving a warm feeling.

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